NGO Forum Call to End Forced Labor in Uzbekistan

Nov. 25 - Despite the continual pressure from the Manila resident international civil society network NGO Forum on ADB and the US based Human Rights Watch, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced in Sept. 25, 2013 the Board’s approval of a US$ 220 million loan to upgrade Uzbekistan’s 45–year–old water supply system through the Amu Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation (ABIS) Project.

ADB told: Loans for 'Yolanda' rehab will overburden PH, give grants instead

Nov. 21, MANILA - An international group of civil society organizations is strongly opposing the US$500 millionr econstruction loan that the Asian Development Bank is extending to the Philippines for the survivors of super typhoon Yolanda.

Credits: REUTERS/Erik de Castro
Forum Sets Up Yolanda Solidarity Fund for Typhoon Victims

Nov. 14 - In response to the catastrophic aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that ravaged Central Philippines last Friday, the Forum through its Philippine Working Group (PWG) has set up the Yolanda Solidarity Fund to extend aid to hapless victims of the calamity. The PWG is leading the organized relief efforts of Forum members and partners for a more effective distribution to devastated areas

ADB get out of climate, get out of power --- PMCJ & FDC

The Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) and the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) demand that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) stop messing up with the climate and energy agenda and programs in the Philippines.

FORUM urges ADB to help “unfreeze” INSAF’s account

NGO Forum on ADB has prodded the Asian Development Bank to urge the Indian Government to stop its punitive actions against the Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF).

Photo taken by: Lala Cantillo
Stop disempowering people, FORUM tells new ADB president

2 May 2013, New Delhi, India - NGO Forum on ADB has challenged Asian Development Bank’s new president to institute systemic reforms in its operations to arrest the further disempowerment of Asia’s project-induced migrants and climate refugees.

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